Mobile Friendly Responsive Web Design

Here as McDogs Designs, we pride ourselves in not only creating professional websites that are eye catching and positively reflect your business, but also perform great using the latest technologies. We always aim is to deliver an effortless browsing experience with simple navigation and clean page structure that your visitors will find intuitive to use, regardless of how the site is being viewed. We only build mobile friendly websites.

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

A responsive web design optimises web site content and layout depending on the device being a computer, tablet or smartphone. If text and links appear too small and requires a user to scroll, pinch and zoom, it isn’t responsive.




Why is Responsive Web Design so important?

Research has shown that over 50% of users now access the internet from a mobile device, so it is vitally important that your new website is mobile friendly. This is in order to give the average visitor a good experience and maintain engagement, otherwise you risk losing them as customers!

Additionally, Google now favours mobile friendly websites and employs responsive design techniques as a ranking factor which can affect search result position.

Any website which isn’t mobile friendly would greatly benefit from a responsive redesign.

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