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McDogs Designs is an established web design agency based in Wolverhampton. We do not have a plush office, teams of employees and huge budgets, we are a small operation, working from home from the comfort of a sofa. You might be wondering why we are telling you this? Well, the simple fact is that our business is aimed at people just like us, people that are working long and hard in challenging times to not only make a living, but to carve a future for themselves and their family.

We understand that being in business right now can be tough, and the odds are you have to watch every penny you spend. This is where McDogs Designs can help, because our small operation does not have the overheads of the larger web developers out there, we do not have to pay for a premises or the salaries of employees. We can afford to pass these savings on to you and produce an impressive looking web presence for you at a fraction of the cost.

Do not for a minute think this means you will be getting a second-rate service, as we ensure everything we produce is of the highest standards. We do not see you as a client, as when you come to see us, you will come to our home (or we can come to you), you will share a cuppa with us and tell us exactly what you want to achieve and how much you can afford to pay. When you employ McDogs Designs you become one of our friends and we are there to guide you through the entire process and offer practical advice.

We are not going to bamboozle you with loads of jargon and techy terms because let’s face it, you do not need to know them. We will talk to you in plain English and explain what we are going to do and how we are going to go about it. We do not work traditional hours, we are not a 9 to 5 operation so if you need to see us out of traditional working hours, we can accommodate you, seven days a week, if necessary, you’ll not only have our email address but also our personal mobile number.

About McDogs

This is me, McDogs; The man behind the other end of the computer screen. I’m friendly, approachable and just trying to make a go of my business, just like you! Yes you will be a client, but you will also be a friend and I care about all of my friends and their success. Let’s get together, discuss your project and make both of our dreams a reality.

Our Goal

Our affordable, custom designs and services are perfect for anyone that needs a professional approach. Whether you need a new website, help with branding or promotional material; We are your one-stop shop. At McDogs Designs you select the services that are right for you and we guarantee the best results possible regardless of your budget.

Examples of our

Off the Shelf Packages

Every project we carry out is priced indivdually, based on the time and work involved. These are examples of our packages, and they can all be adapted to meet your needs and budget.

Sole Trader

Suitable for the sole trader in need of a prescence on the internet.
  • 1 year free domain name

  • 6 months free hosting

  • 3 months free support

  • Free business emails

  • Search Engine Optimisation

Small Business

Suitable for small businesses needing to make an impact online.
  • 1 year free domain name

  • 12 months free hosting

  • 6 months free support

  • Free business emails

  • Search Engine Optimisation

Large Business

Great for large business wanting to lead the way in their chosen market.
  • 2 year free domain name

  • 12 months free hosting

  • 1 year free support

  • Free business emails

  • Search Engine Optimisation

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